these sessions are so important - here's why

being a mother of five children, i can't tell you how fast it all goes. it's equal parts heartbreaking and joyous watching them grow and learn. while i'm remembering when my 11 year old was little and asking how i blinked and he was a teenager, i am also celebrating that my youngest just moved to her toddler bed. these milestones happen so fast. as i carried my three year old to his room in the middle of the night after he snuggled just "one more time mama", i glanced down and immediately remembered his brother at the same age. i carried him the same way. i looked at him with the same eyes. where did the years go?

and that - that is motherhood. watching my children grow and being their mother is the single greatest part of my life.

we have all seen the "take pictures of moms with their kids" posts on social media. most of us are the ones constantly capturing all the cute moments with our kids and other relatives - but at the end of the day, we have very few photos of US with our children.

instead of selfies, we deserve to document the growth of our relationships with our children. notice that i didn't just say the growth of our children. and here's why. i am not the same mother today that i was yesterday. i am not the same mother to my two year old than i was with my 11 year old at that age. this journey - motherhood - is growth for all of us. we are ever-changing. we are the keepers of appointments, the best snack makers, the round trip practice chauffeurs, the homework helpers, the laundry do-ers, the reason the kids bathroom is even clean (ask me how i know!).

as much as raising children is about the children, it is also about the parents. (i'll do another blog on daddy & me sessions closer to fathers day).

do you have formal photos with your own mother from your younger years? chances are the answer is yes.

do you have formal photos with your children? if the answer isn't yes - lets change that.

before you know it, you'll be taking photos on graduation day or at their wedding.

mommy & me sessions are a great way to fill in the gaps between big milestones and have yearly photos just because. just because you're their mama and you deserve it. and they're going to love looking back on them someday.

look at hayley below...(just don't judge my editing from years ago)

the last three years with her zoey moon are documented, and we have this year scheduled already.

these are hayleys favorite photos & they'll be zoeys favorite someday too!

lets get you scheduled next!