when i first heard of "heart of our community"...

i was signing my daughter up for a kids cooking class i had seen offered on facebook. i remember thinking to myself "this is so awesome - she has been waiting for something like this!"

that statement perfectly illustrates what angela centofanti envisioned when she decided to make her real estate office double as a community space. when she moved to millersport in 2020 and the drive to her office in new albany didn't make much sense anymore, angela and her husband began looking for a space locally. when they found this space available - it started to come together. they decided to lease the building for two purposes; an office for angelas real estate business and a gathering place.

millersport is a quaint little community, and boasts many small businesses - but activities were lacking. growing up, most of us had to travel to "town" in order to take classes, explore arts, etc. with the whole lake area growing wonderfully, it only made sense to bring these opportunities and classes "home". this not only gives local educators and artists a space to share their passions with others, but also it allows people right here in town to explore things that they maybe wouldn't if it weren't at their fingertips.

upon entering the community space, it's immediately apparent that the arts are appreciated there. beautiful work from local artists lines the walls and the essence of creativity is highlighted everywhere you look. from creative writing, to culinary, to methods of alternative exercise, drawing, photography - you name it, it's represented there. providing a space for people to teach and learn was an easy choice for someone who views learning as the key to happiness. angela knows it's important to broaden your horizons & makes it a point to learn something new everyday - so she's especially thrilled to offer a space that provides such a diverse list of events for both children and adults.

the name of the center represents everything that angela set out for this space to be. when asked what 'community' meant to her, she responded "community is engaging with those around you and supporting each others needs - and helping everyone be successful, whether personal or business." her favorite part about small town living is that everyone knows each other & looks out for one another - which helped lead her to create a space for people to learn new things TOGETHER.

as of right now, the list of events includes;

local art gallery

available community space

book club

creative writing & drawing

photography classes for kids (hosted by me!)

reiki & meditation

kids cooking classes

hula hoop exercise

real estate services

pounding exercise

art classes for kids


& always adding new classes!

stay in the know, and give the page a like on facebook to stay on top of upcoming events


for any questions, reach out directly at


if you have a skill or talent & would be interested in bringing your expertise to our community, reach out!

i'm speaking for the whole community when i say we would love to have you!