a paradox

hey! chances are you stumbled upon this blog because you're searching for a photographer and found my website. so, welcome! it's so important to get an idea of who you're going to work with to let you know if your values align and help ease the nerves...here goes..

my name is mindy. i'm a 32 year old woman from thornville, ohio. i am married to the love of my life and best friend, casey. he plays a huge part in every aspect of our business, and he is largely responsible for me finally chasing my dreams instead of keeping my passion a hobby. we laugh with each other, like.... a lot. its the dad jokes for me.

we have five children ranging from 11 to 2. i have had so many people tell me "i don't know if family pictures would go well because we have little kids" or even apologize for their kiddos. my response is always "i got this". no need to apologize for them - i have learned that i follow their lead & everyone walks away happy, including them! don't stress - we don't do school picture smiles, we like real.

when we're not shooting weddings, seniors, boudoir or families - you can find us shooting & attending dirt track late model races somewhere in ohio, watching our boys play travel baseball or sitting at home watching the bengals play #whodey.

so, when did i start doing this?

since i was little, i've always had a camera in my hand. i remember walking to the pharmacy after school to drop off my rolls of film & disposable cameras. i just really showed my age. when i got a little older, i begged my parents for an iZone camera, which was an instant camera with sticky film - and of course i stuck my photos E V E R Y W H E R E. when household computers happened (there's the age again) and digital cameras were becoming popular, i always had one in my back pocket - right next to my nokia 3310. i ended up taking my own senior pictures and did them for a couple of kids in my graduating class also.

i only looked it as a hobby then, because art wasn't taken seriously as a career. (don't listen to anyone who tells you that your dreams aren't valid - i wasted a decade trying to "be" in a world where i just wanted to be myself.)

life took me on a wild rollercoaster for a lot of my 20's. i learned a lot about who i was, what i wanted from life, and what life really meant. i decided that i would only strive to be happy - everything else was just extra. that's when i met my husband. and i had mentioned how much i loved photography - and for my wedding gift he bought me a brand new camera. that was the end of it.

here we are, a couple years, a few cameras, lots of growth & learning later - and i am doing what makes ME happy - and making friends who become family in the process. i am still goofy. i am a bit clumsy. sometimes my words roll out of my mouth before i get a chance to organize them. but - i am happy.

and i would love to work with you!